Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Spice Man Invades Social Media: Best PR Idea Ever or Best PR Idea of All Time?

Today I ran into one of the smartest ad campaigns I've ever seen: Old Spice decided to have the Man Your Man Could Smell Like from their commercials post hundreds of personalized video responses to twitters about him and comments on his youtube videos.

"We have liftoff... into the most fragrant space known to man."

I've always been amused by parodies of online comments and other correspondence, and the campaign starring the guy was already clever and well done on its own right, but this goes a step further by offering up a sort of towel-clad bonus jackpot for users who help the video go viral.

The result? The Old Spice "Questions" video has over five million views and six thousand comments, and the Old Spice Twitter now has almost 20,000 followers, up from 8,000 five hours ago. Will it translate to sales? Probably.

Either way, hats off to you, Man I Might Be Able to Smell Like By Purchasing Deodorant.

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