Friday, July 9, 2010

The Dotman's Hopelessly Misguided Joke of the Day

One of my favorite channels on Youtube is that of Chris Dotson, aka The Dotman, a sort of internet stand-up comedian. He's not well known at all, but I've become a pretty big fan of his.

"Don't you ever check your fruit before you purchase it?"

When he's around, he posts simple videos just about every day where he tells a short (usually one-or-two-minute) joke while holding his wooden spoon or ventriloquist dummy.

He's accumulated 380+ videos on his channel this way, though he seems to have a tendency to vanish for months at a time, and his most recent comeback seems to have gone quiet again.

His jokes are pretty varied, ranging from the clever to the self-deprecating to the awkward. And this guy has awkward down to a science. He seems to like to intentionally mispronounce names, pause for a little too long, trail off or make the occasional bizarre non sequitur.

"We don't need all these bombs going off because a suicide bomber is trying to get laid" 

I first heard about this guy last summer. I really like bad jokes, so I eventually ended up getting through them all, watching a few of them every day as my morning coffee. You can find all of his horribly misguided jokes here, in his Youtube channel.

The Dotman can also be seen in commercials and some David Lynch parody stuff in addition to sketches for his new "Chris and Wife Show." Today I found out that he starred in a movie called Sex Drugs Guns that just got released on Amazon. It seems a lot different from his other stuff, but I might just check it out.

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