Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Burnt Face Man

Burnt Face Man is an odd animated internet cartoon series by David Firth, the guy behind experimental, disturbing animations like Salad Fingers and the Spoilsbury Toast Boy. While browsing the site for this post I found out that today is actually the series' sixth anniversary (Go figure).

"Take that, crime, you shit!"

It follows a dysfunctional superhero with a burnt face and his attempts to fight crime. His arch enemies are about as ineffective as he is, concocting absurd schemes that involve insulting Burnt Face Man over MSN messenger or throwing rocks at him.

Often Burnt Face Man will try (with varying levels of success) to help citizens that more or less hate his guts, and his actions are usually recapped by the sometimes-subtly-offensive commentary of a disembodied announcer.

Burnt Face Man delivers every line in an archetypal hero voice that underlines the silliness of the ridiculous or stupid things he tends to say, or his cowardice when he runs away or otherwise folds under pressure. In one episode he's even upstaged by another facially disfigured hero, known as Slightly Bruised Man.

"I may have a slightly bruised face, but at least it's not burnt."

The result is a lighthearted and comical series, weird but a lot more accessible than Firth's other work. There are ten episodes so far (including the trailer) spanning six years, and they seem to get better as the series time goes on, as the humor gradually starts to get itself out of the toilet.

The cartoons can all be found here, except for episode 9, the latest one. Happy birthday, Burnt Face Man!

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  1. the lady in ep. 2 totally has salad finger's voice, lol
    also, this is loads better than Man-Man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS89-9QU3VI&playnext_from=TL&videos=WC5NSvuo2kk